From 2001 to Today

Production with 100% Domestic Capital!

We have been serving in the medical sector since 2001. We offer our products to hospitals, polyclinics and private clinics in Turkey and to various companies abroad. Our company, which has been working with a focus on customer satisfaction since its establishment, provides service to you, our valued customers, with its respectable stance.

We fill the gap in the sector by producing domestically with 100% Turkish capital. We attach importance to international quality and design in our productions. We also offer different expansions in the sector with our corporate-specific solutions.

Our Aim

To be able to develop and apply the most accurate and efficient solutions to the needs and demands of our customers with the original idea and understanding of ophthalmic systems and the use of up-to-date technologies developed by us.

To be the preferred manufacturer company with its dynamic, peer-to-peer, entrepreneurial, customer-oriented approach by integrating ophthalmic products with new technologies in the national and international arena.